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Rural Doctors Association

User interface for the RDAA website

The Rural Doctors Association of Australia (RDAA) advocates for medical practitioners across the country. With such a decentralised membership, they need a website to connect with their members across vast distances, and provide a media platform for rapid responses.

Our project team created a website for the RDAA that was a natural fit for their requirements, delivered to a schedule that worked for them.


Our challenge

The RDAA has represented the interests of medical practitioners across Australia for almost 20 years. Online communication plays a major part in their advocacy and education strategies, but they found their existing website was increasingly cumbersome and expensive to maintain.

The RDAA gave us a clear picture of the result they wanted, but the development process was just as important. They wanted our project to work around their schedule, rather than the production-line approach with a rigid timetable.

They told us they needed:

Responsiveness: As advocates, the RDAA needed a website that let them stay on the front foot with emerging media issues. Being able to release position statements online immediately was a key requirement.

Accessibility across Australia: Their website had to be just as usable in the bush as the CBD. It had to look professional, but without the bells and whistles that can soak up bandwidth and slow download times. The RDAA’s members are based across Australia, so they also needed a web-based content management system that could be used anywhere and at any time.

A site that was affordable to maintain: Their previous CMS used a rare platform which was becoming increasingly expensive to maintain, given the niche technical skills required.

A site designed to age well: The RDAA wanted a website with a look and feel that would not go out of date in two or three years.

Our approach

We responded to the RDAA’s needs right throughout the project with a flexibility that comes with being a specialised web development company. We adjusted our timeframes, giving the client a discount in return for a longer project time. We even negotiated with them to incorporate a new feature at no extra cost.

Our user-friendly CMS lets the RDAA’s media team upload content at a click of a button without any html coding. Anyone anywhere in Australia can edit content quickly and easily.

Features of the website we created for the RDAA include:
  • A secure e-commerce page that let members pay their fees online, freeing up RDAA’s administrative staff’s time.
  • A classic visual design – our senior designers monitor trends to know what styles are fads, and what are here to stay.
  • A customised home-page, with the freedom to link to any content anywhere on the web, as well as RDAA material.

We delivered the website a week ahead of schedule – in plenty of time for it to be unveiled at the RDAA’s annual conference.

View RDAA’s website at:

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