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Web design for Korbond Industries


Korbond Industries is the number one supplier to the UK grocery sector for haberdashery products, with distribution channels across Australia, NZ and Europe. Korbond supplies retailers such as Sainsburry's, Tesco, Coles and Woolworths.

Korbond needed a site that would showcase their extensive product range. It was also important that the site was dynamic, so that the product range could be updated easily.

The business benefits

The site was implemented using RockSolid CMSTM, a content management system. This allows the product catalogue to be updated by the marketing team.

It also means that they can easily adapt the site for seasonal promotions such as "Back to School" and a promotion to support the Pink Ribbon Foundation.

Stuart Caller, Korbond's Trade Marketing Manager is thrilled with the new website. "We have come a million miles from our previous site and now have an excellent base in which to develop and grow over the coming months and years."

"We've gone from having hardly any enquiries at all via the website to a significant number each day"

For more information on the Korbond project please contact:
Sean Mullin
T 1300 738 310