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Dovetailing design and usability: Giovenco Industries

Giovenco Industries

A website’s visual design is intimately connected with how easy it is to use. Giovenco Industries asked us for a new website that delivered major improvements on both fronts. We brought our expertise in creative and functional web design to build a platform with a striking new look and feel showcasing Giovenco’s expertise.

The challenge

Giovenco Industries is the Australian-owned leader in industrial services. Their expertise spans industrial insulation, corrosion treatment, fireproofing, asbestos removal and scaffolding solutions. They have over 57 years’ experience working onshore and offshore, from the Americas to south-east Asia and across Australia.

Giovenco came to us looking for a site that better conveyed their expertise. A new visual design was essential. But drilling deeper, we also found barriers to usability. The site lacked markers to help users find their way within the site. Information was not set out consistently across pages, with confusing headings and duplicated content.

Our approach

Other web design agencies draft dense technical specifications that the client must review before the visual design can begin. We took a different approach, tackling the visual design and usability issues in tandem. We held two client workshops back-to-back, capturing both Giovenco’s business needs, and their vision for branding their business.

Next, we presented a website mock-up — a tangible demonstration of both the new look and feel, and the new features. Focussing discussions saved Giovenco time and money. We quickly refined the mock-up to zero in on their requirements, and started building.

Translating the client’s vision into a working website takes creative problem solving. Building websites from generic components can be easier. But this gives the client less flexibility, and often leads to bland websites. Our expert web designers met the technical challenges in delivering Giovenco’s customised website, down to the important details, like transparent borders around changing images.

Giovenco is considering expanding into new markets, so we created a website with room to grow. We gave them tools to add content, including inbuilt safeguards that guarantee consistent layout across the site. For example, their new image gallery automatically checks if uploaded images are in the right format. We created more user-friendly navigation aids and headings so that the user can easily find their way within the site, wherever Giovenco decides to expand it.

The results

Our new website design matches Giovenco’s requirements to the letter. ‘We had a lot of input into the creative design process and the content for the website,’ says Dev Vason, NSW Operations Manager. ‘After that, the project progressed really well with very little input required from us.’ This streamlined process flows through to ongoing content maintenance with the ease of use that underpins RockSolid Content Management System. As Vason puts it, ‘A key objective of the project was a website that we could easily update ourselves. This objective has been fulfilled perfectly.’