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Avoiding mobile site pitfalls

Friday, 17 July 2015
When customers use your mobile site, they expect an experience that’s on par with the desktop site. We encourage companies to meet that expectation, to hold their customers’ loyalty.

In RockSolid’s mobile website usability workshops, one theme is coming through clearly from people on the font line: professionals who use mobile sites to get their job done get extremely frustrated when the mobile site won’t let them do what they came to the site for.

In the early days of mobile sites, many developers assumed that you could get away with delivering a ‘lite’ version of the full site. The mobile site only needed a fraction of the full content. Emerging research shows this assumption doesn’t hold true. As usability expert Karen McGrane puts it, “If people want to do something on the internet, they will want to do it on their mobile device.”

Some sites frustrate mobile users even further by trapping them in the sub-par experience. The mobile version displays be default, with no option to navigate to the full site.