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Animation done lightning-fast

Sunday, 15 March 2015
Wise Group Solutions’s marketing plan had to change at the last minute. They came to us needing new tactics, fast.

The Commonwealth Bank had invited Wise Group to host a marketing stall at the Bank’s annual conference. This was a golden opportunity to showcase Wise Group’s physical and electronic security services. For Wise Group, there was a lot riding on this conference: because their services cover such broad territory, there’s always a risk that a client like Commonwealth Bank may only see one small part of what they do.

RockSolid was already on board to create all the print collateral for their stall, including brochures and banners. Then, with less than 24 hours’, the conference organisers’ vetoed Wise Group’s plan for drawing traffic to their stall. They needed a new tactic to catch the eyes of passers-by.

We came through with a custom animation: from concept to delivery in less than a day. The animation highlighted their services. The sophistication came that animation’s link with the print collateral: a printed quiz on Wise Group’s services, with the competition entry box right near their stall.

Wise Group wasn’t even sure that turning around an animation so quickly was even possible. We were glad to show what RockSolid can deliver – and help them showcase their work to reach new clients.